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Day at First Step

Depending on the season, and specially planned events or activities, changes may be made.


We open the doors at 9:15am and welcome the children. Mornings at First Steps include circle time where the children participate in roll call, music, movement and dance, art, building and tactile activities, outside playtime in our private play area (weather permitting), curriculum-based learning, and snack time.


The afternoon begins with lunch time, and the children enjoy their meals. During this time, we assist the children in developing table manners and skills such as learning to use a cup with no lid. Lunch is followed by nap time. The remainder of the afternoon includes art classes, outside playtime (weather permitting), general playtime for the caterpillars, music and movement, a light afternoon snack, and circle and story time while waiting for parents to arrive. We say good-bye, until tomorrow!

Daily Life

  • The regular First Steps preschool hours are from 9.30am to 12.30pm on Monday to Friday.
  • Children are guided through various activities during the day, including arts & crafts, story time, songs & nursery rhymes, music & movement, sand and water play, snack time, outdoor exercise, and cookery. The children also follow curriculum-based activities equivalent to the the Indian national standards, and we provide the corresponding progress reports.
  • We make children rest at Resting Place as per the requuirement of the child.
  • The First Steps parents are encouraged to take an active role in their child’s schooling. Parents are welcome to help with special activities or to participate in cultural events.
  • Children are not required to be toilet trained in order to be admitted to the school.

Guidelines for Parents

Kindly note the following points regarding to school and your ward and request your cooperation for the same:

  • Kindly adhere to the timings Play group: 9:30 AM to 12:30 PM. Children will not be accepted before 9:15 AM into school.
  • Make sure that you send an extra pair of clothes in bag.
  • Tiffin boxes, Bags, Water bottles and other belongings should be well labelled.
  • Kindly go through diary whenever send in the bag for updated information regarding Activities and Homework.
  • Make sure that your Ward's nails & hairs are trimmed & cleaned properly.
  • Kindly fill the arrival and dispersal register daily kept at the school gate. It is for the safety and security of your child.
  • Please do not get in long conversations with teachers at the gate during arrival and dispersal time. You are most welcome at the office for the same.
  • Please do not convey any important information to school helper didi. Please contact class teacher or office for the same. Encourage written communication for records instead of verbal conversations.
  • Kindly remember to send the notebooks positively the next day after completing the Homework.
  • Parents are requested to wait in waiting room only. Do not enter school premises without permission.
  • Please remove your shoes/sandals before entering the school premises.
  • Do not send any accessories (Valuable/Non-Valuable) along with your child. School management will not hold any responsibility in case of any loss.
  • Please check your child belonging’s at the time of dispersal only.
  • Kids are recommended to stay back at home in case of contagious diseases like flu, severe cold, cough etc. We will have to send a kid back home in case we find that child is carrying a contagious disease which can infect other kids.
  • Parents are requested to attend the Parent-Facilitator Interactions and all events of the school where their presence is expected. Presence is requested by the scheduled time.
  • Child will be handed over to Parents/Guardians who have got their photographs stamped on ID card from Center admin Office, failing which the child will not be handed over. Once School I-Cards are issued, make sure your ward regularly wears it.

Arrival Checklist

1. Diapers, Wet wipes, Rash Cream
2. 3 Pair of Clothes & Under Garments
3. 3 Milk Bottles, Formula Milk
4. Sipper, Moisturizer, Towel
5. All supplies in a Named Bag
6. Transport: Please have child ready & be there for pickup & drop off on-time
7. Please don’t engage the Teachers
Before Noon After Noon
9:30 - Arrival 12:30 – Play Time
10:00 – Assembly 01:30 – Nap Time
10:30 - Fruit Break 03:30 – Fruits
11:00 – Project Day Activity 4:00 - Homework support/ Scientific Activities
11:30 – High Standard Activity 5:00- Evening Snacks
12:00 – Lunch followed by Play Time 5:30- Traditional Games
12:30 – Dispersal 6:00-6:30- Getting ready for dispersal
1. Check the Child
2. Check Belongings
3. Communicate any issues immediately to the center Head Only
4. Please Don’t engage the Teachers

First Step Kindness Code

  • We are kind to our friends
  • We help look after our friends and teachers
  • We play gently with our friends and invite new friends to play
  • We share the toys and books at school
  • We wait our turn at school
  • We all keep our classroom nice and tidy
  • When we need help, we ask a teacher
  • We say ‘please’ and ‘thank you’
  • We look after each other when we play outside
  • We all join in at tidy up time
  • We listen to our friends at circle time.